Boma Germany Events are transformational experiences, linked directly to outcomes, to inspire future leaders and change makers.




Through our innovative curriculum and approach, visionary Boma Brain Trust and academic community, Boma Germany helps organizations transform into agile institutions ready to drive their own disruption.


Boma Germany Summits are a two day event experience that allow attendees to dive deep into how technology and disruption are affecting the status quo and the impact they are having on organizations, its people, culture and mindsets.


Boma Germany Executive Programs are a three day experience that brings together key social, economic, technological, and environmental trends, and distills them into digestible chunks leaving the participants well informed, energized, and confident about the future.


Boma Germany Dinners are designed to encourage participants to listen, learn, and inspire one another through meaningful dialogue around a particular topic in order to build purposeful future projects together.


Boma Custom program helps organizations make sense of the vectors of change coming their way, so that they can be empowered to make intentional, intelligent decisions about the future they're creating.


Our Boma Germany Speaker Coaching will tender you the skill set necessary to impart your message and inspire to action. Sustainably create impact on your peers by captivating storytelling and top-notch delivery. Our coachings cater to your very own level of experience and are custom-tailored to your specific aims.