What does the enterprise of the future look like? What actually makes an organization truly future proof in times of global change, technological revolutions and exponential developments?

How can one create a corporate culture that fosters innovation, drives impact and helps employees take action within an organization and become genuine change-makers?

And what mindset does it take to enable the right leadership, empathy, ethical decisions and build a bridge between profit and positive impact – for the local and global society?

Questions like these will determine the future competitiveness of the German economy. It has to find answers, must move fast and courageously and open itself up to new learning methods.

Germany’s first international Summit on Corporate Transformation & Exponential Thinking.

Following our successful kick-off event in Berlin „Hacking Leadership“, we will now host the first Boma Germany Summit 2019 on Corporate Transformation & Exponential Thinking. It connects international forward thinkers, experts and pioneers from the Boma Network with business leaders, managers and executive staff from across all industries and sectors in Germany.

On a 1,5-day transformation journey, the Summit and its experts will unlock hidden potentials in businesses and challenge participants’ skills, strategies and mindsets in terms of ethical leadership, technologies and exponential thinking, corporate culture and future readiness. Executives will explore how to maneuver businesses to the Corporate Transition and create profit and impact at the same time.


Are you future-proof? Let’s start the transformation


Who will come

+350 cross-industry executive staff from C-levels, Managers from Strategy and Corporate Development, Human Resources, Operations, Communication and Culture, Marketing and PR, Digital Leadership, Sales, Legal, Compliance, Innovation and Design, Tech and Experience.

Why should you attend

  • Get clear view on your business’ future readiness and the options for your industry.

  • Revision technological opportunities and leadership skills and experience the latest future management learning methods.

  • Receive hands-on insights and in-depth knowledge from international renowned pioneers and experts to transform your future business

What will be your personal impact

creating impact in your business – start now! Internalize real use cases, strategy-knowhow and live-experiences from international markets to adapt in your business or division and share with colleagues and other management levels.

Focus Topics

8.00 Registration 8.00 Registration
9.00 Welcome by Stephan Balzer
2.25 Energizer by USC 8.30 Welcome by Stephan Balzer
9.10 Kaila Colbin: What the Future Needs From you
2.30 Interactive Session // Steve Garguilo
8.35 Energizer by USC
9.45 Energizer by Urban Sports Club (USC) 3.15 Interview Benjamin Roth & Thomas Schindler
8.40 Marcus Schögel: Mind the gap
9.50 Marc Buckley: Resilient Desirable Futures for all Humanity - Creating Exponential Impact Through Emerging Technologies and the UN SDG's 3.50 Tobias Krüger: Culture Change 4.0 @Otto Group - How to Unleash the Beast? 9.05 Panel Discussion: Why Another app ? // Nicholas Matten, Felix Mattes & Stephan Balzer
10.35 Mark van Rijmenam: The Collaboration era - How to Thrive in an Exponential World 4.15 Hugo Suidman: Leadership Principles in the Digital era
9.40 Insa Klasing: New Leadership - Choosing your Mindest
11.10 Coffee Break 4.30 Coffee Break 10.05 Coffee Break
11.40 Trent McConaghy: Nature 2.0: A Positive (and Buildable) Vision of the Future 5.15 Anahita Moghaddam: The Mind of an Awakening Leader 10.30 Carlo van de Weijer: Future of Mobility - Lessons from an Industry in Disruption
11.55 Interview Trent McConaghy & Thomas Schindler 5.50 Summary of the day
10.55 Steve Garguilo: Driving Grassroots Culture Change
12.15 Panel Discussion: The AI Enabled Enterprise // Jose Luis Carvalho, Stefan Heumann, Upen Barve 6.00 Performance: Ain TheMachine
11.20 Salim Ismail: Exponential Organisations
12.40 Panel Discussion: The Future of Business has Feelings? How to win in the Experience Economy // Stefan Schöpfel, Sebastian McClintock, Robert Schüssler
6.15 Dinner, Drinks & Networking
11.55 Summary of the day
1.05 Lunch Break 9.00 End of Conference 12.00 End of Conference

Diego Ain

Ain TheMachine - AudioVisual StoryTeller


Upen Barve

Senior Director, Consumer Strategy & Engagements, SAP New Ventures & Technologies


Marc Buckley

Activist, Global Food Reformist, UN SDG Advocate, UN Resilient Futurist, World Economic Forum Expert Network


Jose Carvalho

SAP VP, Digital Innovation EMEA North


Kaila Colbin

CEO & Founder of Boma New Zealand


Steve Garguilo

Co-Founder Action Surge


Stefan Heumann

Member of the Management Board, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung


Salim Ismail

Founder OpenEXO and EXO Works


Insa Klasing

Co-Founder of TheNextWe


Tobias Krüger

Division Manager "Cultural Change 4.0" at the Otto Group


Felix Mattes

Senior UX Designer at Phoenix Design


Dr. Nicholas Matten

Managing Director Sales, Marketing, Product Management & Finance at STIEBEL ELTRON


Sebastian McClintock

Director Customer Experience, Delivery Hero


Trent McConaghy

Founder, Ocean Protocol


Anahita Moghaddam

Founder of Neural Beings


Mark Van Rijmenam

Founder of Datafloq


Benjamin Roth

Co-Founder & CEO, Urban Sports Club


Thomas Schindler

CEO & Founder of delodi


Dr. Marcus Schögel

Director of the Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen


Stefan Schöpfel

SAP VP, Digital Business Services EMEA North


Robert Schüssler

Global Account Executive at OneDealer


Hugo Suidman

Founder, ForChiefs


Daniel Vonier

Global Vice President People & Organizational Growth, SAP


Carlo Van De Weijer

Director of the Strategic Area Smart Mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Join us for the Boma Germany Summit 2019

Please note: We do have special offers and discounts for entrepreneurs, young leaders and students.


The Venue


The first Boma Germany Exponential Summit will take place at Tipi am Kanzleramt. The event location in the heart of Berlin has enjoyed cult status for many years.

Located right next to the Kanzleramt, the venue is in the center of buzzing Berlin and offers an unrivalled amount of transport links.

With 2000m2 in size, it has an great main stage area, large catering and networking areas over 2 floors and two large terraces to enjoy some fresh air.

Whilst accommodation is not included in the ticket price, we would be happy to help you with hotel recommendations.



Your Team for any requests regarding organization and communications. We are looking foward to meeting you!


Antonia Werner

Partnerships & Business Development


Nadine Bütow

Communications & Media


Nina Zoubek

Project Management


Linda Jentsch

Event Management



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