Boma Germany Speaker Coaching


What is it?

Our Boma Germany Speaker Coaching is all about bringing your presentation and storytelling skills to the next level. No matter if you want to get all set up for delivering your speech on stage or sustainably convey your message within your organization: Our custom-tailored one-on-one coachings and small-group speaker boot camps will enable you to sustainably make your points, win over your audience and inspire to action.




… if you want bring across core messages, on point, keep the attention of the audience and do all this in a most authentic and personal way

… if you are a leader & change maker who wants to leverage the power of storytelling and presentational skills to get employees to embrace change


What can you expect?


Next-level delivery


Crucially improve your presentation skills with the help of our long-term experienced speaker coaches. Gain confidence and tweak your delivery, either in one-on-one coachings or small group boot camps.

Impart your message

Collaborated with our hand-picked coaches to develop and refine your presentation's storyline and individual business cases. Learn to impart your message and precisely make your points.

Personal growth

Our coachings will make you step a bit outside your comfort zone, but you will never leave your safe space. Thus, our coachings offer you the perfect setting to not only impact your peers but also for your very own personal growth.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any request about our Boma Germany Speaker Coaching.


Sophie Kölle

Corporate Learning & Speaker Coaching