Boma Germany Dinner


What is it?

At this intimate Dinner up to 20 participants share and discuss their personal and organizational transformation journey. A subject matter expert from our Boma Brain Trust shares insights in an inspirational talk followed by a Q&A. Focus lies on community, networking and best practice sharing. Boma Dinners are places where great minds come together and create impact, initiate new projects, connect on a meaningful level and simply enjoy an evening full of vivid conversations.




… if you want to be part of an intimite discussion with one of our Boma experts

… if you want to connect and network with people from various business fields that want to drive change within their organization

What can you expect?

  • Become part of a global ecosystem of thought leaders

  • Grow your network locally and globally

  • Exchange and connect on a meaningful level

  • Create impact


When does it take place?