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We deliver transformational learning experiences such as summits, executive programs and workshops, all geared towards tangible actions and outcomes.


The Brain Trust

The Boma Network’s compass and agenda is designed and calibrated in real time by our local and global Brain Trusts. Our Brain Trust drives insight, ethics, expertise, experience and agendas. Our Brain Trust is made up of local intellectuals and experts who can dive deep on a local level and contribute to the global conversation and drive outcomes.


Joi Ito


John Hardy

Alexandre Cadain.jpg

Alexandre Cadain


Parag Khanna

Divya Chander.jpg

Divya Chander

Raymond McCauley.jpg

Raymond McCauley

Salim Ismail.png

Salim Ismail


Lisa Kay Solomon

Justine Whitaker.jpg

Justine Whitaker

Richard Saul Wurman.jpg

Richard Saul Wurman

Mo Gawdat.png

Mo Gawdat

Alexander Görlach.jpg

Alexander Görlach

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Boma Germany founder Stephan Balzer on the Launch Event “Hacking Leadership” in Berlin on November 27th.

Hacking Leadership

Launch Event 27th. of November 2018

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